So Long, Ernie

Ernest Borgnine, Oscar winning actor, has died at the age of 95.
Despite that Oscar, and a career that spanned six decades, the ABC story linked above chose to mention McHale's Navy in its headline; that was a dumb TV show in a dumb TV era of dumb TV shows noted for their dumbness, and yet that's the epitaph some are choosing here.
News flash: the man won a fucking Academy Award for Best Actor for the film Marty in 1955. More recently, he was heard as the voice of Mermaidman in Spongebob Squarepants. In between? His IMDb page is roughly as long as my arm.
He became a favorite of mine when he was chewed up by Willard Stiles' unholy army of rats in 1971's Willard. And a dozen years later, my then rock 'n roll band featured him on a couple of our promotional posters, for no good reason other than he was just flat-out cool.

I believe the artist here is Drew Friedman.  I think. I dunno, we pretty much cut stuff out of magazines, pasted them to cardboard, wrote shit like "awesome oatmeal solos" around the margins and made posters to staple up around town. We were promotional geniuses, of course.
Anyway, so long, Ernie, and fuck McHales's Navy. You were better than that.

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