Romney Extends Lead, Babbles More Crap

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, with sweeping victories in three more states on Tuesday, has solidified his lead in delegates to the Republican convention and appears to have the nomination all but locked up at this point.
Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia all gave Romney sizable margins of victory this week, adding a projected 86 delegates to his total, while former senator Rick Santorum picked up a mere nine and appears to be fading out of contention. Newt Gingrich, who has failed to garner a single delegate since March 13, has also lost his campaign's top financeer and now seems relevant only to himself.  Texas congressman Ron Paul, meanwhile...is still Ron Paul.
Romney, with the nomination looking secure, began to make a more overt appeal to the Tea Party Republicans with a pair of batshit stupid statements this week. This included the obligatory mangling of the Constitution, which, as many of us know, protects citizens against state-sanctioned religious persecution through  an amendment that bars the government from establishing a state religion.
Of course, in Romney's mind, enforcement of an amendment barring the government from abridging the individual right to worship as one chooses is actually an attack on religion. He also seems to think it's something new in America, despite having been written into the Constitution  over 200 years ago. His quote:
"I think there is in this country a war on religion. I think there is a desire to establish a religion in America known as secularism.
They gave it a lot of thought and they decided to say that in this country that a church — in this case, the Catholic Church — would be required to violate its principles and its conscience and be required to provide contraceptives, sterilization and morning after pills to the employees of the church. … We are now all Catholics. Those of us who are people of faith recognize this is — an attack on one religion is an attack on all religion."
"Look, I found some more Constitution written on
these Golden Plates!"
I suppose he could be excused for confusing the Catholic Church with the health insurance industry; after all, both institutions are led by elderly male virgins in robes, except for the health insurance industry.  And both are useless bloodsucking parasites, except for neither of them. So his confusion is quite understandable; that is, unless you remind yourself that this is a Harvard-educated former governor with a law degree who is a leading candidate for President of the United States.
Note that Romney defines "secularism" as a new religion, and proceeds to attack it, which by his own reasoning is an attack on all religion, which he finds inexcusable and evil.  I guess consistency is for pancake batter when it comes to Republican politics.
While his statement makes little sense when you think about it for roughly four seconds or more, it makes at least as much sense as a guy with two degrees from Harvard criticizing a guy with one degree from Harvard for "spending too much time at Harvard," as Romney also did recently. Yes, Romney, who spent four years at Harvard and still relies on a number of Harvard-educated advisors, criticized Barack Obama for the three years he spent at that university.
Such is the state of Republican political discourse.
Here is the current count of projected delegates for the four candidates:

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