The Real Reason Clippy Had To Die

I'm hoping that some nice use of Gaussian Blur will render this post at least somewhat safe for work.
This little comic bit was inspired by this story from Northern Ireland, in which a Catholic priest attempted to fire up a Powerpoint presentation for a small gathering of parents (and at least one child), only to be confronted with what has been termed "indecent images of men." The priest, "somewhat flustered," evidently fled the room for roughly 20 minutes before returning and apologizing; he claimed to have no knowledge of the offending images, and that somehow the memory card must have gotten switched.  Oops! Wrong slide show!
Okay--his claim of a complete lack of knowledge might be somewhat suspicious (as is the convenient 20-minute absence), but here's the real mystery, and the most pertinent question of all: did somebody really compile their porn stash into a Powerpoint presentation? I mean, why would you do that? I understand the need for organization of the images, but...Powerpoint?
I have to regard Powerpoint as sort of a 90's computer phenomenon, not really useful for any sort of modern computer presentation. Certainly not for organizing porn, for crying out loud.
And it brings to mind an even weirder image, which I will of course share with you.

You're welcome.

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