A-Rod Caught Taking Pictures Of His Butt

New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, already under fire for steroid use, seemingly insincere apologies, and, most recently, photographs published showing him kissing himself in a mirror, has again landed himself in the tabloid spotlight.
Teammates on the Yankees baseball team, who asked not to be named, told reporters recently that they caught A-Rod in the clubhouse, using his cellphone to take pictures of his own butt.
"I mean, it’s something lots of us think of doing, but there he was, actually doing it," said one teammate. "And he was taking a really long time, being really careful with the framing and exposure and all."
Other teammates, while not speaking, buried their faces into their gloves and made soft barking noises.
A-Rod, to his credit, immediately owned up to the act and phoned Katie Couric to confess and to send her copies of the photos in question. At the press conference immediately after that, he said, "I was young and stupid and I didn’t know it was wrong. And I take full responsibility for my actions, except for the part about being young and stupid and not knowing it was wrong. But, I mean, it was over an hour ago, and I guess I just felt the pressure of my contract again. Ow ow ow ow there it goes again ow ow ow."
"But I just want to say how sorry I apparently am, as evidenced by my frank admission."
As A-Rod spoke, he was backed by a group of his Yankee teammates, who made humorous stroking gestures with their hands and pointed at Rodriguez seated in front of them.
Rodriguez is currently on the disabled list due to a hip injury "If I’m not being honest with myself, how can I be honest with you?"