Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

I have written before about my life as a Kansas City Chiefs fan.  Things haven't gotten any better since that post.
Last year, the Chiefs went 2-14 (worst record in the NFL), went (if memory serves) nine games to open the season without ever holding a lead in regulation play, and saw one of their players commit suicide in the stadium parking lot.
In 2013, they opened 9-0. Still, I wasn't fooled for a moment; I knew all along they were setting me up for the big fall. And last Saturday it came.
I watched very little of it; I merely checked in on the score from time to time, and absolutely did not get excited when they led 38-10 in the third quarter. My attitude was "I'll believe it when it's over."
The Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts 45-44 in what must rank as the worst choke job since David Carradine.
Fortunately, I still have my official Kansas City Chiefs crack pipe.

At least it's over now, for another year. Who knows what joyous miracle awaits my team next year?*
And I still have my memories! And nothing, other than possibly age, which seems likely to happen, can ever take them away.

We'll always have 65 Toss Power Trap.

*I do. I won't be watching.


  1. That game was awesome. It couldn't have happened to a different team. Kansas City deserved to get beat. Go Broncos!

  2. I agree with everything you said except "Go Broncos."