Forgive Them, Lord, For They Know Not How To Spell

Okay, I suppose technically that's a punctuation error, not a spelling error (the apostrophe isn't needed, kids; that designates a possessive rather than the plural Sundays that I think you wanted). Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but next time hire a professional. Oh wait, you did?
Maybe they have a good excuse. Maybe it's just residual confusion left over from that whole Tower of Babel thing, but really, this is plain English! And since, as we all know, Jesus was a white guy who spoke impeccable English, I'm not sure there are any truly mitigating circumstances.
The grinning doof is Wayne Cordeiro, who stars in an early morning religious show called New Hope. Again, nitpicking, but hope is a morally neutral concept; one can hope for bad things to happen.  I'm not sure the vague concept of hope is something an upright citizen like Wayne should really be standing by.
Wayne, as he keeps telling me, believes that "inside the heart of every man and woman is a dream of what you can be for God." We'll leave aside the fact that the heart has little role in producing dreams and give the man some credit for standing steadfastly behind beliefs that are obviously not true. Such faith! Considering the number of atheists, Buddhists, and others in this country who don't believe in the reality of God, I think he's reaching a bit.  Every man and woman? Nah.
As for me, the last time I dreamed about God, the all-knowing Creator of the Universe was telling me I needed to take the beautiful baby boy I was cradling in my arms down to the churchyard and bury him. I tried to point out that the baby wasn't actually dead, but Almighty Father would have none of it, "for he is sickly and must be laid to rest." Uh, yeah. I'll get right on that.
I must confess, though, that I've never actually seen Wayne's show, just the promos that saturate at least one of my available airwaves. Hey, it's on at 6:30 in the morning. As a great man once said, "I'm not even done throwing up at that hour."

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