Robertson Blames Temple Shooting On Jumbo Shrimp

Televangelist Pat Robertson wasted little time in identifying the true culprits behind Sunday's shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin that left six worshipers dead, pointing the finger of blame at "Satanic Atheists."

Although some may make the entirely verifiable claim that most violence against religious believers and destruction of places of worship is perpetrated by people of a different religion who worship a different god, Robertson has no doubt who is really to blame for this latest attack on believers.

"These non-believers simply hate God," said Robertson. "It's an open secret, and a bitter sweet truth, that this irregular pattern of deafening silence on the part of those who control this chaos is causing a forward retreat among those of us who see it as the most seriously inconceivable joke we can imagine."

(Here's the video. And before you ask, yes, that's a made-up quote.)

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