Revelation Land: A Family Place To Be

There is a person called Ken Ham who runs a creationist website called Answers In Genesis as well as an abomination of a "museum," which is called, duh, The Creation Museum. Among other laughable bits of "history," this museum promotes the idea that man walked with dinosaurs a few thousand years ago.
Apparently there be some dragons about as well.
He's recently tapped his appreciable revenue to produce the following set of billboards, of which he is evidently very proud:

Note the billboard in the middle of the top row.
Kenny has been seen on his website recently bragging about the quality of these billboards, insisting that they put all recent advertising efforts by atheists around the country to shame. And really, they do. At least as far as design and graphics. But hey, that's what bilking people can do for you.
Ken is currently working with the state of Kentucky to finance a "replica" of Noah's Ark, for which he'll also need billboards with animals.
But why stop there? Really, the animals named by Adam & Eve and loaded two-by-two onto Noah's Ark are all just boring, real animals who actually walked the earth, with the possible exception of dragons. The Bible has so much more to offer. The interesting creatures, the ones today's young Christian children will want to see, don't turn up until later in the story--right at the end, in fact, in the book of Revelation.
Ah, but I can hear you saying: "that hasn't happened yet! You can't put that stuff in a museum!"
Well, no, it hasn't happened. Yet. But it's Revelation, people, it's fore-ordained. It's prophecy. A vision of the End Times. It will happen.
So let's put those creatures into a museum, shall we? Let's get started on some billboards featuring some of the critters you will meet on your family vacation of the future at Revelation Land:

I would like to add, as I have before, my suggestion for a more concise, artistically pleasing, professional looking atheist billboard:

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