Look! A Cat! On The Internet!

Well-known fact: cats rule the Internet.

So, in the interests of increasing my traffic here, it's become obvious that I need more cat pictures. Unfortunately, I do not have a cat of my own at this time. But I have had cats in the past, and I did take pictures. And just because this cat lived in that dark pre-Internet age doesn't mean he doesn't deserve his rightful share of Internet fame.

This is N'Gawa, a Siamese cat that I got for Christmas when I was in high school. He lived his entire life in the 1970's. No, he's not playing the piano, he doesn't look like Hitler, and he will never talk in that mangled grammar rife with adorable misspellings known as LOLspeak. But he was a great cat.

Always feisty and playful, on one occasion he climbed up the back of the big, upholstered chair I was sitting in and clawed the fuck out of my ear. Man, that hurt.

But he could be sweet, too.

He had this adorable habit of climbing into the little cat bed we bought for him and spending several minutes patting it down with his paws, all the while purring loudly and contentedly. Then, still purring, he would straighten up, turn around in the bed once or twice, and claw the fuck out of my ear.

I miss you, N'Gawa.

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