I Have Won A Prestigious Award

My commentary over at P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula blog, which is part of a blogging network called Freethought Blogs, has finally earned me some of the recognition I so cravenly crave--the coveted Order of the Molly for January 2012.
It doesn't come with a lovely trophy, or a monetary award like the Nobel Prize (not that I could ever except blood money from the inventor of dynamite), but it is certainly a gesture of respect and acceptance, and may well bring extra attention and consideration of the ideas I present in that forum.
Also, it allows me, if I so desire, to add the "OM" tag to my username at the site. I probably won't do that, as 1) I comment at the other blogs there using the feralboy12 nym, and it's only really relevant at Pharyngula, and 2) my opinions and ideas should stand on their own with no "argument from authority" factor involved.
However, as I informed the readers over there, I will be making a bunch of little "OM" tags to be sewn into my underwear.

And if anyone is concerned that I may break my arm patting myself on the back, relax. Even at 52, I am still limber and agile enough not only to pat myself on the back without injury, I can simultaneously kick myself in the butt.
But not today. Today, I deserve only praise, for I am somebody--even more so now than when the new phone books arrived.
I would say it's a red-letter day, but that immediately brings to mind those cute little Bibles with the "red letters are where Jesus talks" thing. Which are fucking stupid. And in my world, Jesus doesn't talk much what with being dead and all.
Still--a good day. We're talking about a popular blog authored by a biology professor, read and commented upon by scientists, professors, teachers, grad students and others who know their shit. And here I am, a music school dropout whose formal science education pretty much ended in the eighth grade (see here for the story of how I shorted out the science lab with a pair of tweezers) somehow able to make a contribution.
I feel good about this, and I made sure to thank everyone at Pharyngula; it took some little effort not to go all Sally Field on them.
They like me! They really like me!

Note: apologies for not having posted in over a week. I currently have several pieces in the pre-production stage, including "They Also Ran Good: Jimmy Carter," "Ask Dr. Jesus," and more about the 2012 Presidential campaign. Stay tuned, please.

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