ESPN Doesn't Like Me

I am proud, sort of, to announce, quietly, that for the first time in my online life, I have had my commenting privileges revoked at a major website. At least temporarily, I am told.  Well, finally! I mean I won't be ignored, dammit.
The self-proclaimed "World Wide Leader" in sports media, ESPN, informed me yesterday on their website, ESPN.com that my account there, under the name feralboy12 of course, has been suspended for at least 24 hours and that I need to read the rules for commenting. Apparently, the moderator found my last comment offensive or hateful or something; unfortunately, the World Wide Leader is far too busy Leading Worldwide to give me any specifics.
I forget what the original post that was being commented on was about; probably something involving football. In any case, some yahoo burst in to inform us all that he measured "12 sexy inches," like we needed to know that.
So I naturally replied, "Yeah, but how big is your dick?"
For that, I am in sports exile.
This is not the first time, though, that ESPN has brought down the hammer on me; two years ago, when I was casting about for sites to post my old sports blog, Odd Growling Noises, I naturally tried the ESPN blogging network. I put up several posts there, only to have one, this one about Bill Belichick hiding bodies under his floorboards, removed by the moderator. Not pleased. So I gave up blogging there (it was a pretty feeble setup, as I recall; I couldn't tell if I was getting hits or not), and didn't even try to post this story about ESPN troops capturing Paris.
Now this is the same ESPN.com that recently published a piece by Jemele Hill that scolded everyone for mocking Tim Tebow's prayer pose; that mockery constitutes disrespect of his religious beliefs, and that is just wrong. Of course, Tebow's religion would have me tortured, in accordance with the will of his loving God, for all eternity but hey, it's his faith. Yeah, respect.
Whatever. It's possible I'll be able to comment there again soon; again, whatever. In the meantime, here's a little disrespect for the World Wide Leader. Their vast empire includes a magazine, cleverly called ESPN: The Magazine, which I received for a short time a few years ago. It sucked. It sucked so bad that I wish I could submit some suggestions for cover graphics; a nice collection of rejected ESPN covers would really add to my portfolio, I'm thinking. They're so cute when they're angry at me.
Here's something for their next issue.

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