Lions Plan To Draft QBs Next Three Years

Now that the Detroit Lions have Matthew Stafford in the fold as their franchise quarterback of the future, the team plans to build a team around him the only way they know how—by drafting quarterbacks in the first round the next three years.
"Stafford is definitely the guy we’re going to build this team around," said recently re-instated team president Matt Millen. "But we also drafted all those wide receivers earlier in the decade, and we need guys who can get them the ball."
While Stafford is seen as the main building block, the other quarterbacks will all have important roles to play. "We’ll need one guy to send to Dallas to throw to Roy Williams," said the impeccably dressed Millen. "We’ll need another guy to find the bridge Mike Williams lives under. And we’ll need another to keep Charles Rogers company in prison."
"Of course, we need one guy to actually stay here and quarterback this team," Millen went on. "And we would like that guy to be Stafford. But we’ll do whatever it takes to get the pieces in place. And if we have to trade Stafford, so be it. We’ll just get Jon Kitna or somebody."
The Lions are seeking their second postseason win since 1957.