Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Mildly Exaggerated

It's been nearly a month since I've posted here, which I'm given to understand can lead people to think maybe the blog is dead and no longer worth checking up on.
This blog is not dead.
I've been dealing with a physical problem known as sciatica for the last three weeks; it's a condition that involves irritation of a nerve running from the lower back down into one of the legs. If the irritation is severe, it can result in that leg going completely gunnybag, often involving cramping, spasms, and serious pain.
So I haven't been blogging. Pain: not funny.
But I'm getting better (albeit very slowly), and I wouldn't want anyone to think I've abandoned my baby.
So here, just for continuity's sake, is a funny picture of Mitt Romney.

"First, you get the sugar. Then you get the power. Then, you get the binders full of women."


  1. I have a partially extruded disc (L2-L3) and it bothers me a fair amount of the time. I have been completely out of commission twice, for periods of 1-2 weeks, in the last several years. Good luck.


  2. Matt, you deranged misanthrope! You're on the internet? How long have you been on the internet? Last time I saw you you said you'd never go on the internet!

    1. Who is this "Matt" person? My name is MONTE. Monte Grumwald.
      I don't recall saying that, by the way. Then again, who listens to me? I certainly don't.
      Actually, I decided I needed an outlet three or four years ago, when I started fooling with stop-motion animation. Check it out if you haven't already.
      Good to hear from you people.

  3. If this is Monty, truly THE monte Grumwald, then maybe you remember one of the greatest bands of the early eighties, Easy Nights. I've heard someone from that band is thinking of starting a blogg in memory of that band, possibly a memoir, of sorts. As soon as he can remember what happened, he may start writing. "yeah, we love ya."

    1. Morton? Is that you?
      That blog sounds like a great idea, especially if it can be set up to play "Green Onions" every few minutes.

  4. I want another movie. That was a great movie. I need the intertainment. Intertain me. Come on. the ken doll films are awesome!