Stupid Pictures Of Nothing

Well, it's been a relatively uneventful week for me here in my undisclosed location, resulting in my having nothing in particular to write about. Unfortunately, the Rules of Blogging still apply, and I am required to write something anyway, or at least post some amateurish photos of stuff that matters to no one, or face the ultimate penalty--a decline in pageviews.
So here are some stupid pictures of nothing for your indifference.

This is a crappy picture of a bus that caught on fire in my neighborhood a few months ago. I think if you put your ear really close to your monitor, you can hear a guy somewhere there in the darkness yelling "goddammit...fuck...goddammit...fuck...goddammit..."

Here is screen shot from a really sucky Steven Seagal movie, in which the well-known action hero and movie star plays a cock sucker professor. As he often does, Seagal plays a man well-versed in Chinese culture, martial arts, and mysticism, and shows his respect for that culture by beating up Chinese people for an hour and a half.

This is the Pacific Ocean, believed to be the largest on the west coast.

This is an airplane. Gosh, I wonder where it's going!

This is a picture I took of the ground. On a camping trip somewhere. If I remember correctly, there was something here that I was actually trying to photograph, possibly bugs, but it didn't show up. But you can clearly see sticks and stuff.
Roughly half of this stuff wound up in my tent by the end of the week.
Next week: pictures of the shoes I wore today.
Your thoughts?

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