So I Had This Idea For A Game Show

(Curtain raises, cue theme music)

The Newtlywed Game. A fun romp with three couples, competing to find out which couple really knows each other the best!
Ah, well...that's the idea, anyway.
I'll need some help, though; with Newt Gingrich apparently winning the South Carolina primary on Saturday, a show like this is a sure hit. So I'll need lots of questions for the couples! And just as in the original Newlywed Game, there are two rules that apply to each question:

1. All questions must have juvenile yet titillating sexual connotations; and
2. Sex is always referred to as "whoopie."

To get you started, here is a sample question by host Bob Eubanks, and some likely answers from Newt's wives.

Well, it looks like all three couples scored on this one!
For anyone else who wants to play, below the fold there is a blank Bob Eubanks/word bubble image (hereafter referred to as the "Eublank") and a blank "Newt's wives hold up cards to give their responses" image. Simply copy the imaage and slap your own text in by whatever software you may use for such things; comic sans is not required as a font, but, as always, is strongly recommended.

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