Here's My Atheist Billboard

There are two new atheist billboards up in Minneapolis, MN; the design, message, and pretty much everything about them has stirred some arguments in the comments on Pharyngula recently. Some atheists are embarrassed by the amateurish elements included in the design: eye-hurting yellow background, washed out picture of a baby, font that looks suspiciously like comic sans; some think it's not the right message. Others took issue with the line breaks, etc.
So I came up with my own design and message for a billboard to promote atheism. I may not be any sort of design professional, but I am mean. I hope that makes up for any lack of professionalism.


  1. If you're referring to the "idiots," and I'm sure you are, it's not a font, it's from a screen capture online (coexist).
    My favorite key on the keyboard is "PrtSc." It's even better than the "any" key.

  2. Hehe, that's great. Although as ugly as they are, I would feel more comfortable supporting the MN Atheists billboards since they are a little bit more cunning in insulting religions.

  3. Oh, that's beautiful. Even if you're not a professional designer and so any attempt at visual creativity is like stealing a job from a starving art student or whatever.