Model Republican Legislation

I have watched, with great interest, the efforts of Republican politicians and elected officials across the nation to provide solutions to the problems that currently face the nation and its cities and states; from Texas governor Rick Perry's proclamation of Days of Prayer For Rain to the installation of "In God We Trust" signs in our city halls and capitol buildings, the direction of conservative policy has become clear.
I hereby offer, as a public service and free of charge, a sample piece of legislation that can be used as a model for important Republican-sponsored laws at the state level. It affirms the first principles of all conservatives and can be applied to a wide range of issues with equal effectiveness.
I'm no lawyer, so this model may not necessarily comport with the best legal and technical language, but we are fortunate to live in an age when new laws no longer need to pass constitutional muster, or even make logical sense on any level. So here goes:

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