Guys In Seahawks Uniforms Clear Favorite To Win Super Bowl XLVI

As NFL training camp approaches, the oddsmakers, pundits and prognosticators are, as usual, hard at work establishing the betting favorites for the upcoming season. And despite the ongoing difficulties with the labor situation and the lockout by the owners, the 2011 season is no different.

George Bush, Editor
But this year, unlike in the recent past, the experts are largely in agreement as to whom the team to beat in 2011 will be: The Guys In The Seattle Seahawk Uniforms.
“Definitely the best team out there,” said one Las Vegas oddsmaker, who requested anonymity. “Absolutely the class of the league, depending on what players they get.”
As is usually the case, the championship will likely be determined at the game’s most important position, giving the Seahawks Guys a clear advantage.
“I mean, you know they’ll be strong at quarterback, because they’ll probably sign Jeff Garcia or somebody,” said the oddsmaker.  “And that offensive line. I can only imagine how good they’re going to be.”
But that sentiment is not necessarily unanimous.
“You can never count out the guys in Tennessee Titans uniforms,” said a rival oddsmaker. “They’ll be strong up front on both sides of the ball. Don’t forget, they have a lot of overweight gym teachers in that part of the country.”

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