Bradford, Tebow Join Select Group That Includes Ryan Leaf

Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow, the two Heisman-winning quarterbacks hopeful of translating their remarkable college success into professional stardom, were both taken in the first round of Thursday night’s NFL draft.

They join an illustrious group of star quarterbacks previously taken with first round picks, a group that includes such luminaries as Art Schlister, Kelly Stouffer, Jim Druckenmiller and Ryan Leaf.

Bradford was taken with the top overall pick by the St. Louis Rams, despite a shoulder injury that cost him nearly all of the 2009 season at Oklahoma.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to play in St. Louis which is a great city and I am looking forward to playing there in that great city,” said a crushed, glassy-eyed Bradford , staring soullessly at the cameras while fashioning his new Rams jersey into a noose. “It is...like...a dream come... true...somehow.”

Although throwing with a surgically-repaired shoulder, Bradford impressed the St. Louis staff enough to doom himself to years of failure with the hapless Rams, who seem to enjoy watching their quarterbacks get beaten up.

Tebow was taken with the 25th pick in the draft by the Denver Broncos despite a new throwing motion he’s never actually used and a propensity for embarrassing crying jags.

But unlike Bradford, he seemed genuinely pleased at the prospect of playing for his new team.

“I am happy to be going to Denver, which being the mile high city, is that much closer to heaven,” said Tebow, who mistakenly believes that God lives in the sky. “It is a great opportunity, and I just want to thank the Lord for not going all Tower of Babel on the Mile High city.”

Bradford eagerly anticipating his pro career.