Cowboys Win; Romo Brains Himself On Video Board


The Dallas Cowboys opened their $1.2 billion stadium Friday with a 30-10 preseason victory over the Tennessee Titans, but it was a costly win.
The team lost starting quarterback Tony Romo for 2-4 weeks in the second quarter when, while attempting a jump pass, he banged his head on the giant, low-hanging video screen at the Cowboys' new stadium, resulting in a concussion.
While team officials originally hoped the injury was not serious, tests showed at least minor head trauma had occurred. "When we asked him if he knew which stadium he was in, he answered 'Jessica'" said a member of the medical staff. "He obviously wasn't thinking clearly."
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones dismissed the incident, saying "It won't happen in a real game. Nobody in the NFL is going to use the jump pass in the regular season. That's Tim Tebow crap. And it's not my fault if guys are going to deliberately jump straight up."
The officiating crew for the game huddled after the play and finally decided on a do-over, which resulted in a concussion to backup quarterback Jon Kitna.

"I gots a concussion!"