New O.J. Book Hits The Stores

Simpson put up remarkable numbers during his career.

Although in prison for a variety of charges stemming from an incident last year involving memorabilia in Las Vegas, O.J. Simpson has chosen not to remain quiet during his sentence, and has written a new book entitled "If I Didn’t Do It, Why Am I In Prison?" The book hit the stores this week.
"Nevada doesn’t have a Son of Sam law," said Simpson, who appeared to be "absolutely, 100%" behind bars. "I learned that on CSI. I’m free to write books, speculate on what really happened, and capitalize on my situation. I can also look for the real killers here, having eliminated all the golf resorts in Florida." When reminded of the civil suit brought against him by the Goldman family, he replied, "that’s my next book—If I Owed Them Money, Here’s How I’d Evade Them."
Simpson was convicted of taking items at gunpoint from a memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas last year, while claiming that the items actually belonged to him and he therefore had the right to take them at gunpoint.
Simpson is a pro football Hall of Fame member, a former running back known for his slashing style and ability to cut sharply. He won the Heisman Trophy at USC in 1968 and was the first selection in the draft by the Buffalo Bills, a team he soon came to fit like a glove, quickly becoming so entrenched in the starting lineup for a time it was thought he actually had used an entrenching tool. It seemed he was born to run the ball, as if it was in his DNA.
He later took a stab at an acting career, appearing in "The Towering Inferno" in 1975, in which he plays a security guard who doesn’t murder his wife, and the mini-series "Roots" in 1976, playing an African tribesman who doesn’t kill a waiter, flee police on national TV and gain acquittal in a ridiculous circus trial.